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The Power of a Classic

Southern Air has an scalable fleet of ten 747-200Fs -- a Boeing Classic – and leads the industry with the most depth on this type of aircraft.

From its inception in 1971, the 747-200F was specially designed as a cargo freighter. Featuring a hinged nose for the accommodation of the most oversized and lengthy cargo’s, most efficient cargo off-load and uplift, it can easily carry 108 tons over 3,500 miles. Versatile and reliable, our customers count on our Classic fleet for maximum performance value, as well as applications for oversize, out-of-gauge and project cargo. Nearly half of Southern Air’s Classic fleet are production built nose and side door loading freighters, a distinction among Classic operators.

The Boeing 747-200F

  • Unique cargo specialization
  • Payload capability exceeding 100-Ton
  • Maximum Versatility

Most of our 747-200F Classic freighters are sister ships, commonly powered and previously operated by many of the largest cargo carriers. Due to this cross-compatibility of components, Southern Air is able to maintain the highest levels of dependability.

Our 747-200F fleet is also supported by the highest ratio of spare aircraft, with more than ten airplanes we have parted out as utility air frames. All of Southern’s B747-200Fs fly with technical representatives onboard and Fly Away Kits containing nearly 100 items of components and parts. This combination of people, process and parts allows Southern Air to provide the reliability you can count on, no matter where we fly.

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