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The Most Capable Twin-Engine Freighter in the World

Southern Air is the only ACMI carrier offering the Boeing 777F -- the world’s largest, most capable twin-engine freighter. With a payload capacity of 108 tons and maximum payload range of nearly 5,000 nautical miles, the B777F offers customers the unique versatility and network footprint required to maximize their market growth potential. The B777F delivers the lowest trip costs of any long-haul cargo aircraft and has exceptional ton-mile economics.

The Boeing 777-200F

  • Superior Payload Range Capability
  • 108 tons gross; maximum range 4,900 nm
  • Lowest trip costs of any long haul freighter
  • Excellent Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Emissions and noise footprint

Delivering a Host of Advantages

The B777F offers the best unit cost of operation on long-haul, trade imbalanced routes, beating out other aircraft types. With fuel cost uncertainty and long-term likelihood of price increases, the B777F is the top choice offering the best protection against escalating operational costs.

While larger aircraft offer lower unit costs, their break-even load factors are substantially higher, placing additional risk on your network. The B777F offers the highest dispatch reliability and lowest levels of emissions per ton mile than any other aircraft. More and more of the world’s airports are located in populated areas that have strict noise regulations. The B777F is one of the quietest and environmentally sensitive aircraft available.

Your choice of aircraft should be guided by the utilization of flying you anticipate, load factors expected and forward views on fuel pricing. The greater the flying utilization, distances of imbalanced loads and higher fuel pricing, the more optimal choice: our B777F. Together with our flexible, customized approach, the B777F offers an unbeatable (economical/operational) combination of providing the most versatile network application across the widest range of market scenarios.

Southern Air remains committed to offering a comprehensive and versatile fleet of modern cargo aircraft that suit a wide range of market and network scenarios. With our four firm and additional option orders, the B777F remains an integral part of our dedication to World Class service built on 60 years of experience.

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