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Humanitarian Relief

In an uncertain world, Southern Air delivers dependability

For more than six decades, Southern Air has provided relief efforts all over the world on behalf of organizations including UNICEF and USAID. From famine and drought affected regions to national catastrophe such as many earthquake afflicted regions, Southern Air has been carrying life saving missions, critical equipment and supplies to the world’s needy. During the Haitian Earthquake, we delivered frontline assistance from the Thai government, Tampa Cargo, LAN Cargo and Chapman Freeborn.

NGO’s and relief agencies have come to rely on Southern Air for more than six decades. Our nose loading production built freighters are capable of carrying the most sensitive and out of gauge cargo that is typical for disaster restoration efforts. Southern Air’s team is strategically located across the globe for quick and efficient responses to tragedy stricken areas.

When our customers face urgent challenges that demand they deliver their best, we are there to help them soar. Southern Air is internationally recognized for its flexibility and commitment to quality. A distinguished member of the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) registry, Southern Air proudly upholds the global industry standard for operational safety management.

In an often-uncertain world, Southern Air delivers dependability when you need it most.

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