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Southern Air is the most cost effective ACMI and charter provider

We are all familiar with the things that can drive air freight costs higher - capital costs, fuel efficiency and minimum hour guarantees to name a few.

Southern Air is the most cost effective ACMI and charter provider. Our modern fleet includes Boeing 777 freighters -- the first in the market, and our Boeing 747-200F freighters are commonly powered by the reliable GE CF6-50 engines. Having a large inventory of spare parts stored at strategic locations across our network allows Southern to maintain high reliability and reduced downtime that commonly occurs due to sourcing logistics. We have a fuel conservation program that continual evaluates our planned fuel vs. actual fuel burn to reduce inefficiencies caused by carrying excess fuel. Each aircraft is regularly checked and aligned for proper rigging on flight controls, ailerons, and spoilers. This optimization reduces drag and consequently avoids over burns.

In the end it all adds up to lower overall costs for you.

We maintain an efficient corporate structure that keeps our overhead costs down and passes on savings to our clients. We have low cost of aircraft, industry leading in-house maintenance capabilities (we do all our own maintenance, while others outsource), and unmatched competencies in achieving the highest utilization and efficiencies in resource management. We also employ a vertically integrated operations platform thus controlling costs and being less dependent on third-party providers.

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