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60+ Years of Experience means you can count on us, no matter what

Experience matters, and no where is this truer than in the Air Cargo business. You don’t want to have to rely on companies that may be learning the ropes on your time, money and brand. You want someone who’s been there before, and has proven experience you can leverage to your advantage.

Our seasoned industry experience includes top safety accreditation and 24/7 responsiveness. Our dynamic ability to meet customer demand is unmatchable because of our integrated operating platform, along with our scalable fleet and cost base.

Southern Air is the most experienced, responsive and reliable air cargo carrier in the world, specializing in global long-haul ACMI wet lease and heavy lift charter operations. Our 60+ year track record of excellence has given us a comprehensive understanding of today’s global market. It means we’ve figured out and built the best operations, own the best equipment and can attract the best people. We also know from countless client relationships how to work with you and adjust to your way of operating. And most important of all, we have a tremendous performance record including top safety accreditation and 24/7 responsiveness to back us up.

Experience matters and for our clients it translates to lower risk, greater value and a resource you can trust year over year to help drive your success.

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