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Operations Platform

The most advanced and versatile platform in the business

There are a handful of factors that make all the difference in the operational effectiveness of any air cargo carrier. They are: the type and size of fleet, a commitment to quality, lowest total cost of operations, and having a cargo-only focus.

Southern Air has the most advanced and versatile platform in the business, resulting in the highest quality service, lowest total cost, and a world class operation that only a 60+ year cargo-only focus can deliver. Maybe that’s why we’re the freight carrier of choice for major global airlines and charter clients around the world.

Our fleet of modern 777 and 747’s provides best in class availability, scalability, ability to meet contingencies and seasonality fluctuations, and most importantly, be there when you need us most.

It’s our people who deliver the difference

Our commitment to quality and customer-focused service is top priority. Southern’s Flight Crews are among the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the industry. All of Southern Air’s top-qualified Loadmasters and Maintenance Representatives have extensive training and experience in aviation, which allows them to focus and make keen, educated decisions based on their knowledge and expertise.

Southern also has international support teams at destinations worldwide, providing beneficial in-country familiarity to assist our operations, sustained by a 24-hour operations control center.

Each member of our team knows the operational needs of our client, and can react promptly to any changing requirements. Our System Operations Control Center; the central hub of Company Communications, can support client demand around the clock. Our Operations and Maintenance Control Centers, Crew Schedulers, Travel Coordinators and I.T. team are always available through phone, fax and email with friendly, knowledgeable and pro-active support.

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