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Keenly focused on reliability and on-time performance

Every member of the SAI team is keenly focused on reliability and on time performance. In fact, it’s been part of our culture all these years to be focused on safe and reliable flight operations.

It all starts with our daily operations briefing to ensure the network is aligned to deliver excellence. Proactive planning with our client’s needs in mind assures adequate resources are provided to assure punctual operations. Our 24 hour Operations Center, staffed by some of the most experienced and dedicated industry experts, runs the daily operation in coordination between our carrier clients needs and all functional disciplines including System Operations, Crew Scheduling, Travel, Maintenance Control, Materials/Logistics and Operations as well as Planning.

State of the art long haul cargo aircraft assure maximum reliability

Our new Boeing 777 aircraft are the most advanced state of the art long haul cargo aircraft assuring the highest levels of reliability and operating cost efficiency. And our Boeing 747-200F freighters are commonly powered by the reliable GE CF6-50 engine. We maintain a large inventory of spare parts stored at strategic locations across our network. Each Southern Air aircraft is equipped with a completely stocked “Fly Away Kit” containing more than 100 parts on board, allowing our riding technical representatives (Mechanics) immediate access to parts for instant defect rectification.

Every flight of Southern Air is maintained by only Southern Air associates. In addition to our highly qualified flight crew, each flight also is accompanied by a Southern load master and Southern Technical Representative providing a level of oversight and handling standard unmatched by our competitors.

We fly for some of the biggest entities imaginable, meeting their high standards each and every day. We’re confident we can do the same for you.

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