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You want your air freight partners to be there for you when and where you need them, no matter what the challenge.

Southern Air has been responding to the demands of clients for over 60 years. In fact we have shipped some of the most sensitive and unique cargo consignments to some of the most remote and challenging regions of the world, all in the name of client responsiveness. It’s part of our can-do attitude and being an air cargo pioneer from the very beginning of our founding. When it comes to delivering the most difficult challenges you can count on our superior capabilities only an industry icon such as Southern Air can provide.

Experienced in responding to constant change

Our experienced team recognizes the vital operational needs of our customers and can react promptly to constantly changing requirements. Southern Air has the ability to meet customer challenges on short notice through our Operations and Systems Control Desk, our Central Communications Hub. Our clients have been able to use this feature to optimize their network, which allows integrated ability to schedule and operate flights on a moment’s notice.

We also support all aspects of operational planning—including permits; ground handling; landing rights; flight planning and route performance analysis. These services, integrated with our licensed and experienced team, provide you the best performance from people you can trust.

So the next time your air freight requires a responsive, and experienced global partner, you can count on the experience of more than 60 years.

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