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Safety is at the heart of everything we do…

In a high risk operating environment like aviation, Safety lies at the core of every single action we take. Our customers want to be sure the partner they choose can demonstrate a track record of sound Safety performance based upon consistently reliable procedures and proven positive results.

At Southern Air, we believe Safety equates to how we take care of each other. We adhere to the Safety Management System (SMS), an integrated set of practices, values and processes to monitor and continually improve what we do and how we perform. And, Southern Air is a proud member of the IOSA registry, the internationally recognized benchmark of operational Safety.

We proactively address Safety by identifying, reporting and investigating potential hazards from the bottom up, and we actively manage risk throughout our company from the top down. We ensure these efforts take place in an open, non-punitive environment, fostering a positive Safety culture. It pays off and so far has yielded more than a decade of accident-free flying and demonstrably favorable results to our customers, investors, suppliers, regulators and the general public.

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